Galveston Ball at Katy Paetow - 2021 Week 12 Football Highlights

The Panthers certainly showing no mercy on the Tors Thursday night

How about 23 seconds into the game, the pitch goes to Damyrion (Duh-mare-ee-un) Phillips and look at that whole. Check out quarterback C J Dumas...already has the touchdown signal up....that's because Phillips is out of here for a 76 yard score. 7-0 Paetow

Late first quarter, Dumas (Doo-mus) throws one up for Kole Wilson who tracks it down for the 13 yard score and a 14-0 Panther lead.

Paetow is known for their stout defense and not only did they pitch a shutout, they got some points as well. Here Kentrell Webb steps in front of the receiver for the interception and he is taking it back. That's a 45 yard pick 6 as Paetow wins it 54-0 and will face Manor next week.