Fort Bend Travis at Katy Tompkins - 2021 Week 12 Football Highlights

Katy Tompkins and Fort Bend Travis going for that Gold Ball, but more importantly, trying to advance to the second round

Not a good start for Travis. Second play from scrimmage and Tyler Collins makes the pick for Tompkins and he'll take it back to the house to put the Falcons up 7-0.

Tompkins would add to it when sophomore Wyatt Young lines up in the wild cat and takes it to the sideline and then dives in for 1 of his 4 scores on the night in his very first playoff game. 14-0.

Travis would make it close before the half. Anthony Njoku (N-joe-koo) goes 58 yards to Robert Sims who is all alone for the touchdown. Tompkins would lead, however, 21-14 at the break.

Second half....all Falcons.... Cole Francis sees his big tight end, Chidubem (Chuh-doo-bem) Lebechi (Luh-bech-ee), get past the linebacker for a 35 yard score. Tompkins advances with the 49-21 victory.