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Fort Bend Ridge Point at Fort Bend Travis - 2021 Week 11 Football Highlights

Ridge Point already clinched a share of the 20-6A title, but they wanted the whole thing with a win over Travis

First quarter, and we've already told you about how special Bert Emanuel Jr is behind the pocket...well here he goes again. No one open so he does it himself for a 34 yard touchdown. 7-0 Panthers.

Travis answers back as Ridge Point jumps off side. Free play for Anthony Njoku (N-joe-koo) so he throws 15 yards to Robert Sims who somehow comes up with it to tie the game at 7

But Emanuel Junior would handle the rest. Just before the half, he fakes to right...avoids the sack and dumps it off to Anthony Pisapia (Pis-uh-pee-uh) and that's a touchdown 21-10 at the half

Second half, more Emanuel Junior...drops back...rolls to his right giving his receivers time to get free...and there's Marvin Session popping open for a 56 yard touchdown. Ridge Point wins this one 31-17 to take the district title outright.