Fort Bend Christian at Iowa Colony - 2023 Week 1 Football Highights

Defending TAPPS Division 2 champions, Fort Bend Christian, visiting Iowa Colony Thursday night.

Late first half and down 17-0, Fort Bend Christian gets on the board. Blown coverage here as Max Granville is wide open for a 27 yard touchdown pass from Jack Malone. Eagles still down 17-6 at the half.

3rd quarter, Iowa Colony's Cameron Renfro dumps the screen to Carson White who is surrounded on the sidelines....he doesn't care about that as he has a thirst for the end zone. White cuts back across the field and eludes 7 Eagle defenders for an electrifying 79 yard touchdown. Pioneers up 24-6.

And the Iowa Colony would make up for the blown coverage in the first half with 2 pick 6's in the second half. Here Jeremy Garner intercepts the underthrown ball and races down the sidelines for a 73 yard touchdown. Iowa Colony would win this weeks Defensive Title Belt and they also win the game, 38-13.

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