Emery/Weiner School vs San Marcos Academy - 2021 Week 15 Football Highlights

How about some TAPPS 6-man action. The 10-0 Emery/Weiner School took on San Marcos Academy in the Division 1 State championship.

Big day for Running Back Leo Gertz. This is a 12 yard touchdown run to put the Jaguars up 16-0.

After a San Marcos score made it 24-16, Gertz fields the squib kick on the 5 yard line, makes 2 guys miss and then it's off to the house. 75 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Emery/Weiner up 32-16.

2nd quarter, more Gertz....he takes the pitch and jukes and jives his way in for a 13 yard score. That was his 5th of 7 touchdowns on the afternoon. 40-16.

Just to prove there is more then just Gertz on this team. Doran Yustein throws the 7 yard touchdown to Ari Strauss. Emery/Weiner are state champs as they win this one 69-24.