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Dickinson at Pearland Dawson - 2020 Week 16 Highlights

Coach Allison got the Eagles pumped up for this one

2nd quarter, up 7-3, there's sophomore quarterback Colin Johnson feeling the pressure and he throws a dart right into the chest of Gator defensive lineman Edward Ford who takes it back 32 yards for the score. 10-7 Dickinson at intermission.

2nd half, Dawson done with the passing, and go to the ground. That's Torrance Burgess Junior with the 45 yard touchdown run and the Eagles led 21-13.

Gators show no quit. Graham Ledbetter throws one up for Jathan Caldwell who makes an amazing catch. Dickinson miss the conversion and trail 21-19.

But Burgess would help finish the Gators off. This 7 yard touchdown got him to 136 yards on the ground and Dawson advances to face North Shore with the 35-19 win.