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Crosby vs A&M Consolidated - 2021 Week 14 Football Highlights

Crosby Cougars taking on A&M Consolidated in a 5A D2 regional semifinal

Crosby opening drive. Quincy Jones finds little resistance as he jogs it in from 10 yards out to make it 7-0

7 mins left in the second qt. and the Cougars are up 29-22. Cyrin Myles short pass to Luke Smith who gets the d-b's to bite and then throws it deep to Kristian Roberson (Row-berson). That's Easy Money for Roberson and Crosby leads 36-22

Early in the 4th quarter. Crosby leads 36-29. Catch of the night. Myles to Kameren Kirkwood who makes a sensational one handed grab. Wow!!! Crosby wins 53-50 and will face Texas High next week