Conroe at Spring Westfield - 2021 Week 12 Football Highlights

The state's 6th ranked team, Spring Westfield, taking on Conroe in the first round.

We pick this up in the second half with the Mustangs already up 27-0. First offensive play out of the break and Cardell Williams goes 58 yards to Kelbie Thomas-Haymond and Westfield up 34-0.

Westfield gets the ball back on a fumble and Williams with another play action pass....this one 19 yards to Taji Atkins who jukes two defenders out of their shoes for the score......Mustangs on cruise control now.

Dahmeir (Da-mere) Scott would continue the onslaught for Westfield with this 15 yard touchdown run. Mustangs advance with a 55-21 win.