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Chevy Spotlight Sits Down With East Bernard Baseball Who's Looking 7 Straight Postseason Appearances

Spring is almost here, and that means a familiar “ping” is in the air.

At East Bernard, the Brahmas proud baseball program is back to work, looking to add to a streak of seven consecutive postseason trips.

Grant Brazak - Very confident in everyone playing and it’s gonna be a good year

Brennan Peloquin - I feel pretty confident, we have a bunch of hard working guys, we’ve all played together for a long time so there’s chemistry, and I hope to see us go far in the playoffs

After three straight years of losing in the first round, East Bernard is working to ensure a deeper playoff run in 2020.

Kolby Rivera - My past three years of HS we’ve lost first round, haven’t won a single playoff game...I’d really like to get past that first round and make it to the 2nd round and beyond

Bo Badger - Being there first round three years in a row has just been frustrating, and to get past it would just be a breakthrough and I think we could go further than that this year

The Brahmas philosophy is best summed up with the acronym Base 2: Big inning, Answer back, Score first, Extend a lead, Score with 2 outs.

Kolby Rivera - That’s our mentality and if we can do those five things, we can pretty much win any ballgame

Tony Cruz - Big innings, any time the other team does something we’re gonna answer back, we’re gonna try to score, we’re gonna extend leads, do our best to have quality at-bats, do the little things to move runners over and move them in

An overwhelming majority of the Brahmas also play for East Bernard’s tradition-rich football program that is consistently one of the state’s top 3A programs and reached the state semifinals this year. That pigskin success translates to the diamond through both team chemistry and attitude.

Brennan Peloquin - We build the chemistry, build the friendships, build the bonds, and those carry over to the other sports we play, work outs, everything, pushing each other past the limits, it just helps a lot

Bryce Somer - I grew up with all these guys and we’ve bonded with each other through everything, like football we work out every day for it, and it’s just bonding with them

Tony Cruz - Most of these guys play football so they learn how to compete, that’s where we get our edge, we don’t have any baseball phenoms in EB, but we do have hard working kids who understand what they have to do to get the edge

The work ethic that comes with the winning culture permeates the entire community of East Bernard.

Kolby Rivera - When you play at East Bernard, you really are backed by the whole town, everyone’s a family

Tony Cruz - Tradition, we follow the tradition that was set before, I’ve been here 13 years, I’ve been here through some really really good football teams, really good baseball teams, good basketball teams, good girls athletics, we just keep adding to the tradition and challenging the next group, it’s your turn