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Chevy Spotlight - Coldspring-Oakhurst

Coldspring-Oakhurst High School opened in 1937, but for the first time in school history, the Fighting Trojans basketball team is representing this community in San Jacinto County at the state Final Four.

Kudaveon Thergood, SR F :00 It’s an honor, we have a good team and it’s gonna be something special for us

Jacoby Bishop, SR G :00 It’s kinda surreal, it’s crazy to think about, I figured we could make it this far but it’s like crazy to me, really exciting too

Dante Eldridge, JR C :49 You can tell the community, they believe in us, we appreciate the support and how they’ve been there for us, through the thick and thin, and we just love our friends coming out and watching us play :02 My dad played here when he was in HS, and I told him I would get one before he will, when he was here in HS

The excitement around this program has taken the town of Coldspring by storm. Fans showed up in full force in San Antonio to support the Trojans, and players and coaches have almost reached celebrity status around town.

Jacoby Bishop, SR G :37 Everybody’s just been congratulating us and excited for us, it’s kinda brought the whole town together, everyone’s just so happy for us, it makes us feel like superstars almost

Greg Devers, HC :35 My assistant coach and I went out to eat and we couldn’t eat in peace, everybody was approaching us at the table

Last year, the Trojans came within two wins of reaching state, and with almost the entire roster returning this year, they’ve been on a mission to finally get this program to state.

:48 I have four players that have been on varsity since their freshman year, and then last year when we went to regional semifinals, we’re only missing one key player, so I had 9 of my top 10 players back from last year that went 35-3

Many teams call themselves a family, but this group has the DNA to prove it. There are three different sets of brothers on the Trojans roster, providing this team with a unique bond.

Jacoby Bishop, SR G 2:05 We all have this chemistry and we know what each other likes and doesn’t like

Dante Eldridge, JR C 1:05 Just playing together as a team, we have a strong brotherhood, when someone’s down we pick them up, we don’t leave anybody behind

Now that this team has made school history, it looks to finish off this dream season by bringing a state championship home to Coldspring.

Duke Lawniczak, JR G 1:00 For the younger students to come up here, see our name or faces on the wall, so it’s really just our journey to win it and bring it back to Coldspring, Texas

Kudaveon Thergood, SR F 1:41 That’s a dream come true, for real, we’ve been dreaming that since we were little, to win a championship and that’s what we plan to do this weekend