Inside High School Sports Houston | Bay City Blackcats Come Back From…

Bay City Blackcats Come Back From a 19 Win Season & Semi-Finals Birth in This Week Chevy Spotlight

Coming off a 19-win season that saw Bay City reach the 2nd round of the playoffs, the Blackcats return a number of key veterans with postseason experience.

Ky’Adrian Green, JR F :00 We learned to work harder, have to get better to go farther

Marquis Edwards, SR G :00 We learned as a team that we could work harder in practice and be a better team on the court, communicate on the court and all that

Larry Butler, 2nd yr HC 3:00 I would hope that my guys got out of it that if you’re patient, and don’t get rushed and don’t start playing too fast, that you can get things done and we can be successful

That patience has translated on the floor this season, with the Blackcats staying resilient and not getting down on themselves when they trail early in games.

Ke’Vaughn Gaskin, SR G :51 We don’t give up, sometimes this year we were down by 20 and came back and won the game

Butler 5:07 We keep battling, we don’t quit, we don’t give up, we just keep battling and do what we can and see if we can’t change the tide and change the momentum, and get a little spark here and there, sometimes it works sometime it doesn’t, we’ve had games where we’ve come back, we were down 12-14 points at halftime and came back and won games

The Blackcats have a number of sharpshooters, who could rename Bay City “Trey City,” with the volume of three-pointers they make.

Konnor Greene, SR G 1:26 We get after it and we shoot a lot, we shoot a lot of 3s and we make a lot

Marquis Edwards, SR G :32 We take a bunch of pride in it, we shoot a lot of shooting drills in practice with our coach...we usually make all our shots

Butler 6:23 We are a good 3-point shooting team, we have a post player who is pretty good, he rebounds the ball extremely well, we are getting better on defense, we work on defense almost everyday

Konnor Greene, SR G 2:12 Our defense has gotten better, rotating-wise, like when we really get after it, we hold teams to not what they usually score, their average, and it’s helping us, defense is a real important role and we hold it personal if someone scores on us

As the Blackcats continue to improve defensively, they know they have the potential for big things heading into district play.

Butler 5:54 Everything we do is trying to get ourselves ready to compete against a team like LaMarque, and try to get a chance to steal a game here or there, maybe win the district title, that would be the ultimate, go 3-4 rounds deep would be really special for us