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Chevy Spotlight Focuses on Wharton Boys Soccer Who is a Top Program in Houston High School Sports

In the community of Wharton, the Fighting Tigers athletic programs are a source of pride.

And the boys soccer team has built itself into one of Wharton’s top programs in recent years.

Esau Guajardo, SR MF 4:23 We’ve always been one of the most successful programs here at Wharton HS, it is a little bit of a pressure but it’s a good pressure, it just pushes us to do better

The Tigers sit atop the standings in 24-4A, and they’re close to locking up their 2nd district title in three years, after narrowly missing out on the crown a year ago.

Julio Delgado, HC 1:36 They were one point away from winning district and if we accomplish this it means we’re moving in the right direction moving forward :24 We are right where we’re supposed to be, we’re in first right now, but we’re not satisfied, we haven’t accomplished what we want which is to go to state this year

First-year Head Coach Julio Delgado has the Tigers determined to win big in 2020.

Ronaldo Gomez, SO MF 10:03 He brings enthusiasm, power, a willing to win, wanting to win, he’s the glue that sticks this team together

Joshua Rivas, FR Striker 13:49 I feel like he’s doing great, I hope he stays for my next three years, he brings a good attitude to the team

As impressed as the Tigers players are with Delgado, Delgado is even more taken aback but his team’s passion for the sport.

2:30 The one thing that’s different from other places I coached, we’re done practicing and they stay, an hour, two hours, they stay kicking the ball, practicing, playing...Sunday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, soccer is in their blood

With that love of soccer comes a competitive fire that has the Tigers hungrier than ever.

Ronaldo Gomez, SO MF 9:07 That’s just my mentality, winning, winning, winning, nobody on this team likes to lose, and everybody fights really hard to the end to win

Josue Guajardo, SR MF 7:03 A lot of the teammates we have this year were on the team from my sophomore year, and that’s the farthest we ever made it in this program, so just that experience and the hunger from the younger ones, that helps a lot

Delgado 1:47 Mentality-wise they’re strong mentally, the backbone of the team is seniors, however our freshmen, juniors, and sophomores are ready to step in when needed

Wharton features the combination of a strong senior class that still has great chemistry with a number of talented underclassmen.

Luis Perez, SR Defense 14:56 Our connection with each other, most of us have played with each other since we were kids, we know how it is, how we are, it’s just really tight

Esau Guajardo, SR MF 4:33 We’ve been friends forever, we grew up together so to get to play on a team and represent our school is something special

Joshua Rivas, FR Striker 12:30 We have a really strong brotherhood bond and we’ve been playing since we were a really young age, we all know each other, we all know how we play on the field so we adapt really quick

2:03 They’ve been playing with each other for years, it’s the first time I’ve come to a team and I don’t have to wait for the players to get used to them, or know what they can play, they can play with their eyes closed

With the regular season winding down, the Tigers are setting their sights on making the program’s first-ever run to state.

Josue Guajardo, SR MF 6:10 I feel pretty excited, I feel like we have a lot of potential to make it far this year, farther than we ever have 7:33 All the way, I believe it and we could do it