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Chevy Spotlight Meets Up w/ the Sealy Baseball Program Who's Coming off Back-to-Back District Titles

Coming off back-to-back district championships and regional semifinal appearances, the Sealy Tigers are getting back into the swing of things, looking to build upon the past success of this proud program.

Dane Bennett, Sealy 3rd-year HC :59 It’s been awesome to be a part of a tradition, to be a part of a program that loves baseball, you don’t get that at every HS that you go to, so it’s been awesome for me being around a bunch of athletes and boys that love baseball and a town that loves baseball, the community really gets behind us a lot, it helps the program a lot

Growing up in the sports-crazed community of Sealy pushes the Tigers players to maximize their potential as they represent their hometown.

Rhys Reichardt, JR P 2:26 The community’s involved, everybody knows everybody bc it’s a small town, you feel like the community’s there for you and with you

Garrett Redden, SR 3B 1:24 It’s amazing to play in such a great town with such a great fan base, such great people

Carter Cryan, SR OF 1:48 The fans are great, there’s always a lot of people at each game, you know everybody in the stands, everyone is cheering for you

The Tigers take that Sealy spirit with them to the diamond every day, competing with a sense of grit, embodied by their acronym A-E-F.

Rhys Reichardt, JR P 1:09 Attitude, effort, and focus, you always have to have a good attitude, good effort, and stay focused no matter what

Redden 1:37 The mental toughness and determination that goes in every game, the dog mentality we have

Bennett 1:55 As long as you have great attitude every day, have great effort, and practice with focus, the rest of it will take care of itself, our mindset is to be the best that we can be every day

A handful of seniors lead the Tigers on the field. They’ve been through district battles and playoff series the last two years and are ready to take the reins this season.

Bennett 3:45 Our senior leadership, I truly believe that’s a big strength of ours...having 5 or 6 guys from last year’s team who have been a part of it and understand what it takes to get there

Carter Cryan, SR OF :01 We’re all really close and we all understand the role it takes to step up and be that person or group of people that show the younger kids what it takes to be successful

With a strong senior class, the Tigers hope this is the year they finally break through and get to state.

Garrett Redden, SR 3B :44 We just have to stay confident, obviously the further you get, the better the competition becomes, we just have to stay confident and trust in our teammates and trust in each other and play together :02 We feel good, a lot of hard work, a lot of good coaching, I feel like we have a strong bond together as a team and that will pay off in the long run