Bridgeland vs College Park - 2021 Week 13 Football Highlights

Great ball game at Woodforest Bank Stadium as College Park took on Bridgeland

Game tied at 7 in the first half. Cavaliers Ty Buckmon with the pump fake and then he gets hit and loses the ball. Caleb Fattig (Fat-tig) picks it up and he goes 20 yards to put the Bears up 13-7.

4th quarter, College Park down 28-7, but it's not over. Buckmon goes 34 yards to Holden Rook for the touchdown and the Cavs snag a little momentum

They would get the ball back and Buckmon would go back to Rook in the red zone. Rook dives into the end zone to make it a 28-21 deficit with 5:20 to go.

But the Bears have one of the best players in the state in quarterback Conner Weigman and Weigman would snatch all the momentum away on one play. Look at him go on this run, straight down the sidelines for a 85 yard back breaking touchdown. Bridgeland hangs on to win 35-28 and will advance to the regional semifinal.