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Brazoswood Water Polo Starts First UIL Season

They’ve been playing water polo at the high school level for over 50 years now, but never as a part of the U-I-L. It’s been all club leagues and sparse participation until this year. Now water polo athletes can wear their schools name across their chests for the first time.

Brazoswood has had a water polo team since 2003 and has gradually become one of the better teams in the Houston area. Last year, they were one of two schools in the state to have both their boys and girls team make it to state at the club level. Coach Robert Brown says it’s tough to convince swimmers to participate in water polo because of how physically demanding it can be. So he’s learned to pull athletes from other sports who can use the skills they picked up playing their sport and use it in the pool

You heard that right. There is physical play that happens under the water that not only do the officials miss….but newer fans don’t understand.

With UIL getting involved more schools are forming water polo teams which means more competition. At first, there will be growing pains at some schools, but exposure to the sport is what the U-I-L is looking for at first

There are 32 districts in the inaugural UIL season, with Brazoswood being a favorite in District 12. Of course, what all of the teams are playing for is that first ever state title in water polo.