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Barber's Hill is the Best 5-A Volleyball Team in Texas

Barber’s Hill volleyball is dialed in. The Eagles are 36-5 on the season and ranked as the best 5-A team in the state. It’s been almost two decades since Barber’s Hill went to state and they are determined to make it back this year. Everyone on this Eagles team has the same goal, so when that whistle blows to start the game, it’s all about business.

Barber’s Hill has gone through the gamut of competition as well. From large 6-A teams to powerful 4-A teams, the Eagles have gone toe to toe with them all. They are a talented bunch of girls, but it’s the chemistry they’ve developed that has produced the victories. And that comes from their 2nd year coach, Casey Veen.

That love comes directly from Coach Veen who back in her playing days would compete in just about every sport. But it was her love for volleyball and her respect for the game that made Casey write a blog intended to help build confident women.

A year later, Veen’s book “Dear Little Volleyball Girl” was published. The book has been doing really well as club and high school coaches have been buying it off Amazon and having their athletes read it hoping Veen’s words sink in.