Bellville football is Demolishing Opponents While Running The Slot T Offense

The Slot T offense is not very common these days. In the ERA of pass happy, pro style attacks, the Slot T has gone the way of the dinosaur in most of the state. But not in ALL places. Bellville Head Coach Grady Rowe runs the Slot T which is a ground attack chock full of misdirection running plays. And judging by the Bray-mas record…..he runs it quite well. Bellville was 13-0 going into Friday’s regional final….matching it’s most season victories in 20 years. And the Bray-mas have outscored their opponents by an average of 51 points!!!!! Rowe says most of the credit can be given to his players precise execution of a very unique offensive scheme

Bellville features a 3-headed monster in the back field with fullbacks, Sam Hranicky (Ra-NIS-key) and Corrian Hood, picking up the tough yards and D D Murray breaking off the big gains. But when asked what the true key to the Bray-mas offensive attack is, everyone on the team points to the big guys up front.

Defensively, the Bray-mas haven’t been slouches either. In 10 of their 13 victories, Bellville has only given up a touchdown or less including 7 shutouts.

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