Inside High School Sports Houston | West Brook vs Summer Creek hoops…

West Brook vs Summer Creek hoops - 2020 Week 20 Highlights

"The Summer Creek Bulldogs hosting West Brook Wednesday night.

2nd quarter, Bulldogs on the break and check out the sudden burst of speed by Jaylon Johnson for the layup. Summer Creek would lead 44-27 at the break.

In the 3rd, nice positioning by Reece Allen off the inbounds pass. That leads to a bucket in the paint and the 10th ranked Bulldogs led 52-30.

Still 3rd, Allen gets the nice steal and then delivers a great bounce pass to Kyle Morgan for the layup, Summer Creek rolling, up 31 points.

4th quarter, Bruins start to press to get back in it. Doesn't work, Jaleen Goodman is open for the drive to the basket. Summer Creek wins it 87-68"