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Atascocita vs Pearland Dawson - Week 27 Highlights

"Pearland Dawson and Atascocita squared up in another regional quarterfinal. It was a Battle of the Eagles.

How about Dawson's Tyree Davis catching the outlet and working through traffic for the layup

But Atascocita would lead by 5 after 1 thanks to this pretty drop off pass by Tom Hart to Justin Collins for 3.

Off the rebound, that's Collins to Cameron Morrison who scores on the lefty layup in the 2nd quarter.

Hart would then do a little 360 spin in the lane for a basket. Atascocita led by 6 at the break.

Second half here comes Dawson. Bryce Ware with the nifty up and under layup as the Eagles inch closer.

Then late 4th, A J Richard with the steal and he's taking it right to the rack, score it and he's fouled. Dawson only down 1

Still down 1 with 5 seconds left, Ware drives the lane but falls and loses the ball out of bounds. Tough break, but Atascocita would advance with the 55-54 win."