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Beaumont United vs Katy Paetow - Week 28 Highlights

"Katy Paetow lost their first game of the season and then won 23 straight, but they had a tough matchup with Beaumont United Friday

Panthers Charles Choo-koo has been a beast in the paint the whole year and it didn't stop against United as he muscles up and scores.

But Terrence Archeneaux (Arch-en-oo) goes baseline for the dunk and the Timberwolves led 14-7 after 1.

3rd quarter, United's Wesley Yates pulls the string and steps back for a 3....that is pretty sweet right there.

4th quarter, Trevor Frank with the steal and 3 for Paetow to cut the lead to 12.

But it wouldn't be enough as Beaumont United runs out the clock and ends Paetow's best season ever with a 59-47 win."