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Tomball Memorial at Deer Park - 2020 Week 7 Highlights

The Deer Park Deer hosting Tomball Memorial in a wild one, this would resemble more of a track meet than a football game as neither offense was met with much resistance.

Early on its 8-0 Memorial & Wildcat QB Colton Marwill finds his big back Reed Baumann in the secondary wide open. 43 yds later the Wildcats are up 16-0 -- but we're just getting rolling

Marwill takes the snap on his own 24. After faking the handoff, he makes a couple moves & he'll take the far sideline for a 76 yd Touchdown! The Wildcats giving the scoreboard operator fits....up 22-7

The Deer keeping it close. QB Matthew Potts with a beautiful 360 spin move. Sweetness! 12 yd TD run. 22-14

2nd Q... Marwill with a play action. Directs traffic, looking, looking...finally he finds Joseph Manjack in the back of the endzone he gets the feet in bounds and its 28-14 Wildcats.

The Deer would respond. Potts goes play action. He's got a wide open Alex Arguetta (AR-getta) . Doesn't get any easier than that and the lead is cut to 28-21 Memorial

Memorial would respond on the ground, Richard Rodriguez on the give...The offensive line blows open a huge hole, It opens up like the Red Sea & he turns on the jets! He goes 70 yards untouched for the Touchdown. Tomball Memorial wins it 69-35.