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The Woodlands Lacrosse Putting Texas On The Map

If you live in Texas, you don’t need to be told that football is king. Certain areas of the country are known for their sports, but in the great state of Texas….it’s football. There’s a team in North Houston, however, that is looking to change all that.

The Woodlands club lacrosse team is dominating a sport that is mostly popular out East.

Lacrosse has reached the state of Texas, but only at a small number of schools. While most high school kids are clamoring to make varsity in football, many schools don’t have an option to play lacrosse. Keith Tintle (Tin-til) grew up playing the sport in Long Island, New York where lacrosse is a hotbed for great talent. He moved to The Woodlands in 2003 and has been coaching ever since. It was Tintle who introduced the sport to many of his current players

The Woodlands are in fall practices now as they prepare for their spring schedule. With a small number of high schools playing, Coach Tintle and his team hit the road quite a bit.

The competition has paid off as The Woodlands won their first and only state title in lacrosse in 2018. Despite years of success the Highlanders football team has had, the lacrosse squad got a championship first. And they are full of optimism for the 2022 season despite the huge target on their back.