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The Woodlands Christian Academy vs Colleyville Covenant-Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

The Woodlands Christian Academy takes on Colleyville Covenant in the TAPPS 4A Boys Final…

The Warriors make an early statement as they get inside to Tucker Noey(No-eee) for the slam dunk.

The Warriors continue to attack the basket, Austin Benigni (Buh-knee-knee) dishes it to Bakari Lastrap(Luh-strap) and he finishes with a dunk as well for Woodlands Christian.

Then The Woodlands Christian locks down on defense, Lastrap comes away with the turnover and takes it the other way for the fast break layup.

Later, it’s Lastrap open in the corner and he splashes home the three for the Warriors.

Finally, it’s Benigni cutting to the hoop, The Woodlands Christian Academy wins its 2nd state title in three years, 68-50 is the final.