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Atascocita vs Summer Creek - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Moving to Class 6A, Andre Johnson and DeShaun Watson in the house for a Top 10 showdown as Atascocita visits Summer Creek…

Summer Creek comes out running, Javon Jackson provides the action, basket and the foul for Jackson, Bulldogs up 6 after one.

In the 2nd, Jackson playing the tough man defense, he gets the steal at mid-court and takes it all the way for the layup.

Atascocita answers as Dylan Dawson gets the friendly bounce for three, Eagles lead by 1 at intermission.

More Eagles in the third, Tom Hart with the outlet pass to Caleb Stewart who finishes the fast break for two.

Summer Creek responds as Jackson darts into the lane, draws the foul, and gets the shot to go, he scores a team-high 24 points.

Back come the Eagles, Hart grabs the board, gets into the paint and creates a three-point play of his own, Atascocita up 8 after three.

In the fourth, it’s Dawson cutting to the hoop, basket and the foul for Dawson and he’s fired up!

Later, it’s Hart on the drive, and check out the acrobatic finish, Atascocita pulls into a first place tie with Summer Creek with a 61-54 win over the Bulldogs.