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Bellaire vs Lamar - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Let’s head over to The Pavillion now where Lamar meets Bellaire…
Bellaire comes out running the break, Jacolb Cole pushes it ahead to Elijah Lawrence for the easy layin, Cardinals up 5 after one.
In the 2nd, Lamar goes inside to Sir Isaac Herron, and Herron throws it down for the dunk!
Bellaire cranks up the defensive pressure, Tyrell Palmer with the steal in the backcourt and he lays it in for two. Cards lead by 13 at halftime.
Lamar storms back in the 2nd half, Herron barrels down the lane, basket and the foul, he posts a double-double with 14 points and 16 rebounds.
Then the Texans pick up the pace, Kaleb Collins fires ahead to Carson Smith for the transition basket.
Later, it’s Marcus Brown finishing the fast break with a layup and Lamar rallies for a 57-45 comeback win over Bellaire.