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Summer Creek vs South Grand Prairie - Girls 2022 Basketball Highlights

The Lady Bulldogs were hoping the second time back at state would be the charm, but they had some issues scoring

Kaitlyn Duhon, the Auburn commit, did hit this 3 in the first half but it was 1 of only 3 shots made by Summer Creek in the half.

The Lady Bulldogs had no answer for Adhel Tac in the first half. The Warriors' post player scored 15 of her 21 points in the first half and South Grand Prairie led 35-12 at the break.

Trying to get something going, here's Torran Deterville making the 3 and was fouled. The 4 point play was nice, but they needed much much more.

After another miss, Anahlynn Murray was there for the put back.

But this sequence here was what the night was like for the Lady Bulldogs. As if there was a lid on the basket, Summer Creek shooters just could not buy a bucket no matter how many looks they got. They shot 25% on the night and were never really in this game as they fall to South Grand Prairie 65-41. Coach Carlessa Dixon was still proud of what her girls accomplished this year.