St. Thomas at St. Pius X - 2022 Week 10 Houston High School Football Highlights

St. Thomas trying to continue an undefeated season as they took on St. Pius the 10th.

St. Thomas quarterback Donte Lewis takes the snap inside his own 20 and rolls all the way to his left. He sees someone deep and heaves it 50 yards in the air to a diving Shaffer Henderson. What a throw. The Eagles would later score to go up 6-0.

Still first quarter, Lewis at the 8 and rolls to his left again...this time he has a path to the end zone and takes it himself. That makes it 14-0.

St. Pius gets a big play in the running game. Joshua Mitchell breaks through a hole up the middle and looks like he could be gone. Eagle defenders track him down at the 17, but the Panthers would later score to make it 14-7.

St. Thomas takes over from there. This is Lewis to Nick Ferruzzo on a 25 yard touchdown pass to make it 28-10 Eagles late in the first half.

Finally, in the 3rd, Lewis on the sneak and he's gone. 65 yards for the score. St. Thomas wins 49-24 setting up a battle of undefeateds next week against Antonian Prep.