Inside High School Sports Houston | Spring Vs. Nimitz - 2019 Week 6…

Spring Vs. Nimitz - 2019 Week 6 Football Highlights

Let’s head over to Thorne Stadium now, as Nimitz hosts Spring Thursday night.

Nimitz’s defense trying to set an early tone in the first, as James Bowie rips through the line and delivers the sack.

Spring answers with some defense of its own. Dorian Friend, not being very friendly to the Cougars as he picks off the pass for the Lions.

Later, Nimitz driving deep in Spring territory again, but this time it’s Nicholas Charles coming up with the interception, and he has plenty of room to run. He gets to the sideline and races 96 yards all the way to the house for the pick six. Lions lead 7-0.

Then the Spring offense gets rolling. Al-din Bradley keeps it on the read option and he scampers 15 yards for the touchdown, Lions up 14-zip.

Still in the 2nd, Bradley tosses it up for his brother Caden Bradley in the end zone, it’s a 15-yard scoring strike and Spring opens up a 21-0 halftime lead.

In the third, Al-din Bradley calls his own number and trots in from 7 yards out, and Spring shuts out Nimitz, 35-0 is the final.