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Aldine MacArthur vs Dekaney - 2019 Week 5 Texas High School Football Highlights

In district 16-6A, 2-1 Dekaney hosting Aldine MacArthur Thursday night.

Dekaney already 7-0 in the first when Daelyn Williams sets up the screen pass for Jacquez Shaw, Shaw breaks a tackle and goes 21-yards for the touchdown, wildcats with a quick 14-0 lead.

In the 2nd, MacArthur looking to answer through the air, but there’s Dekaney’s Ronnie Thomas there for the interception, and he’s headed the other way. Thomas picks up some blockers and races 52 yards down the far sideline for the pick-six, Dekaney leads it 21-0.

Meanwhile, Williams throws for two scores and rushes for two more, as Dekaney dominates this one throughout, with a 56-0 shutout win over Aldine MacArthur.