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Spring at Spring Westfield - 2021 Week 22 Highlights

Nice little rivalry game as Spring visited Spring Westfield

First quarter, The Lions Bryce Roberts with the steal and he’s going the other way. Coast to Coast with the bucket cutting the Westfield lead to 1.

Time running out in the quarter and Roberts rebounds the missed shot and then knocks down the turnaround jumper. Spring up 21-14 after a quarter.

Here comes the Mustangs in the 2nd quarter. Mario Johnson rebounds the missed Blake Washington 3 and goes back up strong, scores it and the foul. Westfield just down 2.

And Westfield would take charge in the second half. Too much dribbling here leads to a steal by Jaden Chaney. He goes the distance but misses the shot. Trey Harris is there for the putback giving Westfield the lead. They would win it 60-53.