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Shadow Creek vs Pearland - 2022 Girls Basketball Highlights

Meanwhile, over at Pearland, one of the top guards in the state, Rmani (ruh-mon-ee) Taylor and the 5th ranked Sharks girls team took on Pearland

She shows how to facilitate a fast break with the quick pass to Ace Edmond for an early Shadow Creek lead.

On the other end, Oilers get it into their big time post player, RyLee Grays, who feels the triple team and dumps it to Kayla Phillips for an easy basket. Pearland up 23-16 at the break.

2nd half, Shadow Creek’s Brooklyn Brown got all kinds of hot behind the arc. She nailed 6 3’s in the second half and finished with 22 points.

4th quarter, Grays with the textbook face up and blow by. She led the Oilers with 14 points and Pearland up 35-31 after 3.

4th quarter, Paige Bonner takes it down the lane with the Euro Step. Pearland upsets Shadow Creek 56-51 and are now tied for first in district.