Inside High School Sports Houston | Sealy at Stafford - 2020 Week 4…

Sealy at Stafford - 2020 Week 4 Highlights

I hope you got a chance to be outside last night, a gorgeous sunset providing the backdrop for a non-district matchup between Sealy and Stafford.

Sealy would strike first in this one as D'vonne Hmielewski makes the right decision on the zone read, getting some blocking and somersaulting into the end zone, they miss the extra point so its 6-9 Tigers.

We move to the 2nd quarter and Alvin Nunn, the big fullback quickly becoming a favorite on the show, he's a man amongst boys pinballing his way down the field.

A few plays later Nunn caps the drive with another punishing run from 10 yards out, Sealy picks up a hard-fought win in another defensive struggle, 12-10 the final.