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Richmond Foster vs Houston Sharpstown - Week 26 Highlights

"Richmond Foster and Sharpstown kicking off their post season runs at Hopson this afternoon.

The Apollos go to Josh Farmer, who recently committed to UT-San Antonio. Nice turnaround jumper there.

On the fastbreak, Jordan Faltine gets free for the layup for Foster, but the Falcons had trouble with the Apollos early as Farmer is free for the long outlet pass and here comes the noise.....what a dunk.

3rd quarter, more Farmer.....he's always the go to on the handed stuff for 2 more of his 17points.

But Falcons would get it together. Perfect pass from Sam Akinrele (Ah-kin-rel-ee) to Jacobi Williams who scores over 3 defenders. Foster up 4 after 3.

And finally, Deuce Fatheree with yet another outlet pass to Chancellor White for a poster dunk. Foster gets through the first round with a 55-44 win."