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Richmond Foster at Fort Bend Hightower - Week 23 Highlights

"Terrific game Tuesday night as 19th ranked Foster visited 3rd ranked Hightower

First quarter, how about Zach Guidry throwing the in bounds oop to Tyrone Baker for the basket and foul. Hurricanes up 16-14 after 1.

Second quarter, Big Reuben Fatheree with the high arch-ing mid range jumper. Falcons up 32-27 at the half.

3rd quarter, here comes Hightower. Sensational junior Bryce Griggs snags the errant pass and goes coast to coast for the layup. 24 points for Griggs.

4th quarter, Hightower up 1, Griggs on the break with the alley oop to Baker for the showstopping jam. Hurricanes up 53-50 and the crowd has lost their minds

But don’t count out the Falcons. Fatheree inside for 2 of his 26 points

Then, down 2 with 8 seconds to play, Jacoby Williams drives the length of court and dumps it to Chancelor White. We’re heading to overtime tied at 59.

In overtime, Griggs misses the free throw jumper, but MY GOODNESS, there’s Baker to clean up the mess. Hightower pulls it off 70-65."