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Pearland Vs. Pearland Dawson - 2019 Week 6 Football Highlights

It’s that time! Pearland and Pearland Dawson set to do battle at The Rig, there’s nothing more American than this rivalry!

It’s scoreless in the first when Dawson Quarterback Myles Kitt-Denton launches the deep ball for Jacob Brinkman, great extension by Brinkman to reel that pass in, Eagles in business. Moments later, Bobby Wooden walks right in for a 3-yard score, it’s 7-0 Dawson.

Pearland answers, as JD Head tosses it to Jeremiah Aaron, and let’s slow it down, unbelievable one-handed grab by Aaron and that ties it up at 7.

In the 2nd, Kitt-Denton calls his own number near the goalline, he wins a footrace to the pylon and the Eagles lead 17-7 at intermission.

In the third, Kitt-Denton swings it to Wooden, and watch the move by Wooden, he gets rid of the defender and trots into the end zone, it’s a 20-yard score, Eagles lead 24-7.

Dawson builds a 30-7 lead, but the Oilers fight back. Head lets it fly deep and hits Aaron in stride. Aaron coasts into the end zone, it’s a 61yard touchdown pass, and Pearland is back within a score at 30-22.

But Dawson answers right back. Kitt-Denton lofts it to Wooden who is wide-open. He goes 70 yards for the score. Kitt-Denton with 286 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air and another 106 yards and a score on the ground, as Pearland Dawson knocks off Pearland, 40-29 is the final.