Inside High School Sports Houston | Pearland vs Dickinson - 2019…

Pearland vs Dickinson - 2019 Playoffs Week 1 Football Highlights

Pearland and Dickinson meet in the first round of the playoffs for the second year in a row…

Oilers looking to exact a little revenge, down 6-0 in the first, JD Head floats it up for Jeremiah Aaron who hauls it in in the end zone for a 25 yard touchdown, Pearland leads 7-6.

It’s 14-9 Oilers in the 2nd when Dickinson quarterback Mike Welch lofts it into the back of the end zone for Kai German, and check out the job by German to get a foot down in bounds, it’s a 12 yard touchdown, Gators on top 15-14.

Then late in the half, Welch powers his way in from a yard out, Dickinson up 22-14 at halftime.

Pearland not going away however, Head fires over the middle and connects with Cedric Mitchell, big gain deep into Dickinson territory.

Moments later, Jaden Piece fights his way in for a 3 yard touchdown, and Pearland leads 23-22 heading to the fourth quarter.

In the fourth, Dickinson’s Ausaru Allah (Aw-SAR-oo) gets the handoff at the 7, he almost gets in but the ball pops loose, but right into the hands of his teammate Darryl Harris for the go-ahead touchdown, and that’s how it ends. Dickinson squeaks past Pearland, 28-23 is the final. The Gators draw Atascocita next weekend.