Pearland Dawson at Strake Jesuit - 2022 Week 7 Houston High School Football Highlights

Let's head to Strake Jesuit as the Crusaders hosted Pearland Dawson

Second quarter, Bryce Fucik connects with Ret Thibodeaux for a 16 yard touchdown pass. Strake Jesuit up 17-7.

The Eagles Bryce Burgess would run for 2 touchdowns in the span of 25 seconds thanks to a Crusader turnover. This one goes for 20 yards and Dawson led 21-17 at the break.

Colin Johnson would start working the airwaves in the second half. Here he goes 6 yards to the back of the end zone to Burgess to put the Eagles up 38-24.

However, Strake Jesuit would look to the Fucik to Thibodeaux connection again. This one is a 24 yard score. Crusaders still trailed 45-31

Later Johnson tries someone other then Burgess. It's Braylon Howard and it's a 12 yard touchdown pass as Pearland Dawson beats Strake Jesuit 52-44.