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North Shore Vs. CE King - 2019 Week 6 Football Highlights

Let’s head over to brand-new Sheldon ISD Panther Stadium as North Shore hits the road to face CE King Friday night.

North Shore strikes first, as Demetrius Davis swings it out to Zach Evans, Evans makes a man miss and he fights his way into the end zone for a 23-yard score, 7-0 Mustangs.

On CE King’s first possession, the Panthers try to run with Jarrell Wimbledon, but the Mustangs Defense stacks him up, the ball comes loose, and Marcus Cockrell scoops it up and returns it for the North Shore touchdown. Great start for the Mustangs.

Later in the first, Evans gets the handoff, breaks a tackle, and muscles his way across the goalline, Mustangs race out to a quick 24-0 lead.

Still in the first, Davis looking downfield, he airs it out for Ismael Fuller, Fuller sheds his defender and he’s off to the races. He takes it the distance, 86 yards, all the way to the house, North Shore leads 31-0 after one.

The Panthers just don’t have an answer for Evans and the North Shore rushing attack. Evans breaks into the open field and he’s gone. He takes it 42 yards for the score, Mustangs lead 45-0 at halftime.

CE King finds the end zone in the third quarter, as Kameron Kinchon tosses it up to Jordan Jackson, nice grab for the touchdown reception, but it’s not enough as North Shore improves to 4-1 with a 52-14 win over CE King.