Inside High School Sports Houston | Navasota vs. Wharton - 2020 Week…

Navasota vs. Wharton - 2020 Week 1 Football Highlights

We move up to Navasota where the excitement was noticeably in the air but mother nature not cooperating as they had to wait out a long lightning delay.

What would opening night be without some weather delays right? When they finally did get going Navasota wasted no time, on the first possession, that's Junior Quarterback Jamar Jessie running the zone read and keeping for big yardage into Wharton Territory.

Jessie would cap the drive with this scramble, shaking a couple of tackles, getting downhill and finishing the run with a big thump on the db, its 7-0 Rattlers.

More Jessie this time through the air as he draws several defenders offsides and delivers a strike to Xavier Steptoe, he scoots in untouched, its 14-0 Rattlers.

We move to the 2nd quarter with that same score, Darius Randle on the jet sweep, gets some good blocking and shakes a would be tackler and sprints 40 yards to the house, this one never in doubt as Navasota pulls away with a 35-13 win over Wharton.