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Manvel at Goose Creek Memorial - Week 23 Highlights

"5th ranked Manvel ran into a buzzshaw named Goose Creek Memorial Wednesday night.

Mavericks were smart early on as they dumped it in to the unguardable Shaun Walker. The big guy had no problem making buckets inside.

But second quarter, the Pats Devin Figueroa with the steal and the layup putting Memorial in the lead.

Second half, there’s big Shaun again in the paint, spinning and fading away for the basket.

Patriots go to Avant (Uh-vaunt) Coleman who spins in the lane with the turnaround jumper. 22 points for Coleman.

The leading scorer for Memorial was Sam Bradford with 25 points. Here he pulls up just inside the 3 point line. Goose Creek Memorial wins it 79-68 to move to just a game behind Manvel in district play."