Magnolia vs Shadow Creek - 2019 Week 2 Football Highlights

Let’s head into the Shark tank, as Shadow Creek hosts magnolia… Shadow Creek already up 7-0 in the first when Jaylen Lane finds a lane right up the gut, he gets to the one but coughs it up, fear not though, Greg Brown is there to recover it in the end zone for a Shadow Creek touchdown, it’s 14-0 Sharks. Still in the first, Kyron Drones scrambling and just lofts up into the back of the end zone, and there’s a wide open Seth Jones for the Shadow Creek touchdown, Sharks lead 21-0. Drones is just getting started. He airs it out deep downfield for a wide open CJ Guidry and Drones hits him in stride. Guidry goes the distance, it’s an 80-yard touchdown pass play for Shadow Creek, and the Sharks smell blood in the water, up 28-0. More Drones, he has plenty of time in the pocket, he eventually fires into the end zone for randy masters, that’s good for another Shadow Creek touchdown, it’s 35-0. Still in the second quarter, Drones dumps it off for Kelvon Brown, and Brown takes care of the rest. Right down the sideline and into your living room for another Shadow Creek touchdown, Sharks take a 42-0 lead to intermission. In the second half, Drones showing what he can do with his feet, he gets to the edge and heads for the pylon. Shadow Creek shuts out magnolia, 49-0 is the final.