Magnolia vs Magnolia West - 2019 Week 10 Football Highlights

Let’s head up north now, as Magnolia visits crosstown rival Magnolia West…

Magnolia opens the scoring in the first, as Travis Moore lets it fly deep for a wide open Ben Coligan, and he hits him in stride, Coligan can coast into the end zone for a 63 yard score, Bulldogs up 7-0.

Magnolia is on the move again in the 2nd, and Moore fires over the middle for Ben Renfro, that’s a 24 yard pitch and catch for a touchdown, and the Bulldogs lead 15-2.

Magnolia West answers before the half as Tristan Brady lofts one up for Trey Leggett, nice job by Leggett to get a foot in bounds for the touchdown, Mustangs trail 15-9.

But with 24 seconds left in the half, Moore looks downfield and sees Coligan wide open once again, it’s a 38-yard touchdown pass and Magnolia leads 22-9 at halftime.

More Bulldogs in the third, as Moore rolls out and tosses it into the end zone for Gavin Mason, nice grab for the 14 yard touchdown, Magnolia up 29-9.

Magnolia West not going away lightly, Nick Joseph takes the handoff right up the middle and he explodes into the open field, Joseph turns on the jets and he’s gone. 72 yards all the way to the house, Mustangs down 32-15.

But the Mustangs can’t slow down Magnolia. Mitch Hall with the 5 yard touchdown run for the capper, Magnolia takes down Magnolia West, 39-15 is the final.