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Madison vs Waltrip - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Over at Butler Fieldhouse, it’s Madison taking on Waltrip…

Madison’s Tim Moore Junior sets the early tone in this one, he cuts to the hoop and throws down the powerful two-hand slam!

Later it’s Madison’s Brian Myles on the break, he loses the handle but Moore flies in to clean it up for two more.

More aerial action from the Marlins as Elijah Hill goes up for the dunk, Madison leads by 9 after one.

Waltrip answers as Ray Lanito dishes it to Daeleon Lewis for two and the foul for the Rams.

But Madison controls the first half, Nehemiah Ratliff on the fast break, and check out the circus from Ratliff, bucket and the foul, Marlins up 16 at halftime.

Rams looking to stay in it, Orvis Fowler with the steal and he heads the other way, nice finger roll for two for Fowler.

But Waltrip can’t keep pace with Madison, Adam Kanafani finishes the break with a dunk for two of his 18 points.

Then in transition, Moore coming down the lane with a head of steam and he hammers it home with the tomahawk slam!

Finally it’s Jacoby Brown tossing it off the glass for Moore and he skies for another jam, Moore leads the way with 18 points and 14 rebounds, and Madison rolls past Waltrip, 69-54 is the final.