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Lamar Consolidated vs Richmond Foster hoops - 2020 Week 20 Highlights

"And there’s the big Texas A&M recruit, ready to help the Falcons basketball team.

Early on, Deuce with the pretty post up spin move for 2 as Foster takes the early lead.

Then the Mustangs Rayshawn Glover-Mayberry with the spin to get out of trouble on the break and that leads to him getting right to the tin for the layup.

However, this game was all Foster. Jacobi Williams drops it off to Chancellor White for the slam. Falcons up 12 at half.

Second half, Philippe Ngemhe (Nuh-gem-he) pokes it away for the steal and on the other end that’s Sam Akinrelere (Ah-kin-rel-ear) with the big time stuff

And if you liked that, how about Fatheree with the full court outlet pass and White one hand dunks it. Foster coasts to a 70-45 win"