Klein Oak at Tomball Memorial - 2021 Week 21 Basketball Game of the Week

The Wildcats were trying to prove their hot start wasn't a fluke.

No better way to do that then by pitching a shutout in the first quarter. Reed Odell does not want any of the mess in the paint as he blocks it away.

End of the first quarter, Cory O'Bryant open in the corner for the 3 and he beats the buzzer. Tomball Memorial up 17-0 after 1.

The Panthers would trail 19-0 before they started hitting shots. Carson Hansen in the corner for long distance connection. 19-6.

Then a nice steal by Daniel Perez and he goes the other way for 2. Klein Oak trailed only 23-15 at the half.

Second half it was the Judson Thompson show. Here he stares his defender in the eye before dropping a 3 ball on em.

Then he gets the ball in the paint, gets fouled and just throws it at the rim. It goes in. He scored 18 points and Tomball Memorial wins 56-43.