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Crosby vs FB Marshall - 2021 Basketball Playoffs Game of the Week

TCU recruit P J Haggerty would have a big game for the Cougars.

Haggerty is a big guard, so he has a height advantage on most of his opponents. He did on this night as he scores in the lane here for Crosby.

Then he would make the steal and head the other way, switching hands for the layup. Crosby up 11-4.

Buffalos are no slouches though. Jaylen Reedus open in the corner for the 3 to cut the Cougars lead to 5.

Another big night for Jaland Lowe for Marshall. He scored 32 points on the night.

And then, watch Chris Marshall get the steal and the show stopping dunk. He scored 24 and Buffs led 36-30 at the half.

But Crosby would get scoring from another source besides Haggerty. There's Sean Elkington for 3 of his 28 points.

and then Haggerty would score 18 of his 38 points in the 3rd quarter. Crosby wins it 90-77 and will face Nederland in the next round.