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DQ Game of the Week - Cy Ridge at Houston Stratford - 2021 Week 25 Basketball Game of the Week

Winner of this one knows they will be tied with Cy Creek for first with one game to play.

Keshaun Bell runs the floor and makes the layup getting the Spartans off to a great start.

Then Everett Bates hits the step back jumper putting Stratford up 14-6.

How about Triston Williams with the big dunk as Stratford led 22-10 after 1.

Second quarter, Rams got tired of being pushed around. Trey Swayzer picks up the loose ball and then he gets the layup. Swayzer led all scorers with 17 points.

Cy Ridge taking it to the outside as Sir William McDuffie with the 3 pointer, but the Rams trailed 26-16 at the half.

We take it to the 4th, under a minute left and Stratford down 3. Luke Hatcher goes in for the layup...he's fouled and makes the free throw. We're heading to overtime tied at 38.

Down 2 in O-T, McDuffie makes the circus lay-up tying the score at 44, but Stratford would have the ball for the last shot.

Clock winding down.....Bates with the shot to win's blocked....falls into the hands of Hatcher who gets it off before the buzzer.....ITS GOOD!!!!!! Here comes the fans onto the court as Stratford wins it 46-44 and is tied with Cy Creek for first place. What a finish!!!!