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Klein Cain at Bridgeland - 2020 Week 5 Highlights

The Scoreboard operator was on full alert for Klein Cain at Bridgeland Thursday.

Down 7-0, The Hurricanes get on the board, Carson Roper to Aaron Jordan on the 8 yard screen and that's a touchdown, 7-7.

The Bears high powered offense strikes back. Junior Connor Weigman (Wig-man) dumps it to Dylan Crippen who scores from 28 yards out. Wig-man threw 3 touchdowns and ran for 3 more.

Still first quarter, hand off goes to Jayden Blue and he gets through the first wave of defenders and then kicks it into another gear. Look at that speed. That's a 53 yard score and Cain ties it up at 14.

Still first, Bears go to Atrevion (Ah-tray-vee-on) Hunter who takes it to the end zone from 9 yards out. Bridgeland goes on to the 49-42 victory.