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Kingwood vs Atascocita - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

8th-ranked Atascocita hosting Kingwood in a big district showdown...

Atascocita comes out running, Kaleb Stewart feeds Tom Hart the third, basket and the foul for the three-point play.

Then the Eagles swarming to the ball defensively, Cameron Morrison comes away with the steal and lays it in at the other end for two.

Later, it’s Hart driving into the paint, and check out the acrobatic shot as he’s fouled, bucket and one for Hart and Atascocita leads by 4 at halftime.

Kingwood heats up from the perimeter in the third, Nick Luckett from long distance for three for the Mustangs.

Then it’s Luckett from the opposite side of the floor for three more for Kingwood.

And then it’s Billy Gould from the top of the key, he drains the three and the Mustangs lead by four heading to the 4th quarter.

Atascocita answers in the 4th, Hart dishes to Morrison inside for the layup and he’s fouled as well.

Later it’s Morrison cutting toward the basket, athletic move for two and Atascocita squeaks past Kingwood, 45-42 is the final.