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Katy vs Cedar Hill - Game of the Week

Katy hyped up to take on the Longhorns for the 4th time in a state final.

First quarter, Caleb Koger with his patented play action leaving a wide open Taylor Saulsberry and that's a 37 yard touchdown. Tigers up 7-0.

Cedar Hill has the ball at the end of the first quarter. Kaidon Salter backing up and then throwing over the middle, but watch Shepherd Bowling make the diving interception and the Tigers are in business.

The Katy drive would continue into the 2nd quarter where Jalen Davis goes in from the 3. 14-0 Tigers.

Late first half, watch Koger with the wrap around handoff to Isaiah one sees it....Smith is gone. That's a 55 yard back breaking touchdown as Gary Joseph's Katy Tigers head into the half up 24-0.

Down 27-0, Cedar Hill close to midfield but Ty Kana knocks the ball out of Jaiden Calahan's hand, Hamilton McMartin scoops it up and breaks it 55 yards for another score. Katy rolling 34-0.

The Longhorns would score twice, but Seth Davis would put this on ice with a 25 yard touchdown run up the middle. 131 yards for Seth and on offensive MVP award

And how about this one. Salter tries to dump it off but throws it right to Cal Varner and the big guy jogs in the end zone. Katy wins their 9th state title in convincing fashion, 51-14